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The Winged Wolf ™ Dog

A Winged Wolf DireWolf Guardian dog has earned its wings by successfully completing assistance, therapy and/or companion dog training and has been officially certified by the DireWolf Guardian dog training facility. 

Winged Wolf DireWolf Guardian dogs receive a silver winged wolf shield to place on their collar or vest to signify that they have been trained, have passed the Companion Degree Test given by DireWolf Guardian trained judges and have earned their Strongbred Champion title from the National American Alsatian Club.  This silver shield is replaced with a gold winged wolf shield upon successful completion of one year of service as an assistance or therapy dog.  Winged Wolf dogs in this category are also then awarded the Strongbred Excellent title from the National American Alsatian Club. 

In addition to the Winged Wolf shield, the certified assistance or therapy dog is also awarded a specially colored winged wolf vest to signify that they are field ready in their particular area of support.  A blue Winged Wolf vest signifies that the DireWolf Guardian dog works as an assistance dog and a green Winged Wolf vest signifies that the DireWolf Guardian dog works as a therapy dog.  In order to continue to wear the Winged Wolf vest, a DireWolf Guardian assistance or therapy dog must re-certify every other year to prove that they continue to possess the skills needed to perform their duties flawlessly.  If any dog does not pass re-certification, they will have an opportunity to improve their skills in the field and retest to be sure they are field ready at all times.  If a DireWolf Guardian dog is found to have need of retraining outside of the re-certification process, they can access the DireWolf Guardian training facility at any time.  The goal is for any DireWolf Guardian dog that wears a winged wolf vest to possess the highest training standards and always correctly represent their Winged Wolf title. 

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