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Dire Wolf Dog - DireWolf Guardian Triton - American Alsatian Dog in training
Vallecito's "Triton," Messenger of the Deep

10-4-18: Triton is in the initial puppy training stage at DireWolf Dogs of Vallecito in Fruitland, WA for the purposes of being trained as a mobility support dog. He is being trained by Jennifer Stoeckl, professional assistance dog trainer and co-founder of DireWolf Guardian. Triton is currently learning to understand the basics of human communication. He will remain with his littermates until he is twelve weeks old, at which time he will move into the house to continue his puppy training. 


Trixy's "Riker" von Capone


10-4-18: Riker has recently been donated to DireWolf Guardians for the purposes of being trained as a psychiatric/autism support service dog. He will soon travel to Tennessee to begin initial puppy training by Christa Finch, professional trainer and dog rescue facilitator. Christa is a Guardian's Heavenly Host Volunteer. We thank her for her willingness to generously give her experience to help train a special puppy to live its greatest potential.

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