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What is a Guardian's Angel?

Each Dire Wolf Guardian dog is assigned an angel.  This very special volunteer position is reserved for those dedicated individuals assigned to keep in regular contact with each Dire Wolf Guardian dog in the field.  Preference is given to national club members or BRTA patrons.  Each Guardian's Angel volunteer must pass an application process and complete a background check.  A Dire Wolf Guardian dog is assigned a Guardian's Angel volunteer for their lifetime, no matter if the dog is re-homed or found to no longer be able to perform its duties.   Each year, a Guardian's Angel volunteer's performance is monitored for quality service and distinguished Guardian's Angel volunteers are awarded honors for achievements and dedicated service to selflessly helping families receive the most from their special Dire Wolf Guardian dogs.  Because a Guardian's Angel is a volunteer, they are, of course, free to leave whenever they need.  When this happens, a new Guardian's Angel volunteer will be assigned.  Guardian's Angel volunteers receive special privileges to attend specific training events, seminars and conferences.  They are honored guests at BRTA functions and enjoy extra goodies for their participation in helping to serve in this extraordinary way.

Services provided by the Guardian's Angel volunteers:

1. Assigned to be a volunteer contact for a Dire Wolf Guardian dog.

2. Answers questions service dog owners have about their Dire Wolf Guardian dogs.

3. Provides the contact information of any other American Alsatian liaison whenever needed.

4. Reminds families when re-certification is needed.

5. Queries families for stories, pictures and videos of the Dire Wolf Guardian dogs to post on the BRTA blog.

6. Records and compiles statistical information on each assigned Dire Wolf Guardian dog.


Guardian's Angel volunteer wings:

1. Initial plastic wings are awarded upon entrance into the Guardian's Angel Volunteer Program.

2. Silver wings are awarded upon one year of successful service.

3. Gold wings are awarded upon 2 years of successful service and acquiring a second dog.

4. Platinum wings are awarded upon 5 years or more of exceptional service. 

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