Remus's Public Access Test Review


Sponsoring Organization: 

Dire Wolf Guardians


Date of Test:   Video Submission Date of review 7/18/15     Start time:  9:50 am    end time 3:00 pm

Testing was done with Video submission. Videos were taken with non-professional equipment by amateur videographers.  A total of 15 separate videos were submitted with a total run time of 8 minutes and 12 seconds.

Location of Test:  Video Submission

Environment of Test: Urban, populated. Moderate natural surfaces, Temperature unknown.  Clear weather, no precipitation.

Equipment used: Nylon collar with tags. Coke collar. 4 foot nylon leash. Service dog vest. All equipment was in good repair and clean.  Service Dog vest was well positioned and idetification clearly displayed.  

Disqualifiying Equipment:  slip collar is an automatic disqualifier for testing. Static position collars ONLY are permitted. HOWEVER - since this is a video submission and tester has prior knowledge of the basic temperament of the dog - tester will allow the testing evaluation to continue, on the stipulation that ALL performances submitted by video using a slip collar be RESUBMITTED within one month using a static position collar or leashed to the vest. Todays date: 7/20/2015.

Cues and Corrections: All cues were vocal, oral or body cues: no corrections were observed.

Scoring:The team must score "yes" 80% of the time on the yes/no portions of the written score sheet. Any team must receive a "yes" on at least 60% of all yes no questions to be considered for re-testing.

The team must receive a "1" or "2" on all numbered portions of the test.

Any team must score an average of "2" to be considered for re-testing.

1 = Always       2 = Mostly   3 = Sometimes   4 = Never


                                                Average of "1" (scoring 8 items with a "2" and 11 items with a "1")

note any items marked with a "2" is due to inappropriate equipment, and will be considered for retest by resubmission of videos.  Scores can be altered at that time, for this testing period only.


Testers Review: Public Access Testing via video was permitted for "Remus" and Mo as travel was difficult for both Dire Wolf Guardians and Team being tested.  Tester is familiar with the Dog and his temperament, with the recent two years familiar with Remus' training and placement with Mo.  Tester feels comfortable with video submission for these reasons.  All observations in review are subject to the video's authenticity and will not be applicable to any future testing.   Any disqualifications or observations of behavior negatively effecting test scores can be resubmitted by video NO LATER THAN ONE MONTH FROM REVIEW SUBMISSION. Todays Date:  7/20/2015

1. Car Travel: 3 videos submitted:  Dog exited the vehicle on command and appropriately waited for handler to be ready.  Movement and distractions (low level) could be observed, and dog did not respond.  During travel dog was very calm and unconcerned. Dog waited for cue to enter vehicle. Once inside dog placed himself in a down position on the back seat, and remained in position. Team showed cooperative movement and dog appeared relaxed and under control for entire runtime of the videos submitted.

Testers Note: In consideration of seizure alerts, and his handler is a driver, Remus must have ample space and opportunity to alert for oncoming seizure in a manner that will not cause harm to people, other vehichles or property. For this reason Remus' placement in the car or equipment used will not be considered for scoring.  Remus must show ability to alert safely while car is in motion to be considered for recertification.

 Approaching and entering a building:  The video submitted showed Remus attatched by a slip collar to a leash placed around handlers body. Positioning and placement of equipment would not allow for loose leash movement.   Due to this, tester cannot verify the Dog was behaving of its own accord. Tester cannot verify the Dog was not being corrected. Tester cannot verify any offensive or boisturous behavior could not have occured in the absence of the equipment.  Tester will verify certain behaviors and will write them below.

 Entering a Building: 1  video submitted: Team entered the building through an automatic door. Movement was fluid and synchronous.  Handler approached carts, dropping the handle on the Dogs service vest, turned to hold a cart, then rolled cart from stack. Dog did not startle or break position and moved beautifully out of the way of the cart while staying in step with handler.  The dog appeared alert and under control during the entire Approach and entrance.

 Moving through a store with distractions:  3 videos sumitted.   Dog appeared calm and under control for length of testing observed. Team used sounds, people, and other dogs. Dog could be observed behaving with focus and intention. Team moved fluidly during turns and distractions moving by. Dog could be observed checking handlers feet for indication of pace change.  It was pretty to watch.

 High Distraction Behaviors: 1 video submitted.  Handler placed Dog in a down/stay position in a hotel hallway. Handler walk a length of approx. 20-30 feet and remained for approx 25 seconds. Dog held position for a total of 43 seconds.  Distractions included a laundry cart being rolled by, stranger chatter in the background and videographer.  Recall was rapid and deliberate. Dog was vocally commanded to down upon recal and response was timly and appropriate.  Testers note: Dog vocalized on the way down. From video it appears the Dog was vocalizing from excitment of recall. Being familiar with possible past trauma to the Dog's limbs, Tester may suspect a twinge of pain may have caused him to vocalize.  In consideration of this, tester will NOT include the vocalization negatively in any way as to affect scoring.

Stairs 1. video submitted. Team moved in a controlled manner both ascent and descent of the stairs. Dog turned synchronouly with handler for turn at the top landing.  Descent was fluid, and Dog was alert and cooperative to handlers movements.  Dog moved at a pace slightly quicker than the handler at the bottom landing.  Remus will have to show improvement with this  pace keeping to be considered for recertification.

Restaurants: 3 videos submitted.  Team appeared calm and relaxed during the meal. The dog was placed in a down position on the outside of the table, away from passing diners.  Dog could be observed being alert to dropped food but showed no interst in sniffing or eating food. Dog was calm and relaxed for video shown. Dog completely ignored food on floor and did not sniff or otherwise contrate on anyting but moving with the handler.

 Bathrooms. 1 video submitted Team entered a public restroom and waited breifly to enter a sall. Dog moved without hesitation through the room and follwed the handler into the stall. The dog responded to all indications, oral or otherwise. The dog did not attempt to peek out of the stall, or sniff the facilities.  Team appeared to move effortlessly through the video.

 Elevator Team entered the elevator in a controlled manner. Dog did not startle or cower when elevator doors opened or closed. Dog appeared calm and relaxed for entire video.  Team moved fluidly out of the elevator with dog keeping perfect pace during entire exit.

 Team relationship: Team acted fluidly and truly appeared "in sync" during all observations of the tester.  Handler positively interacted with dog at all times, with very little and/or barely audible corrections.  Dog seemed motivated by the work itself and was in perfect behavior standards for a Seizure Alert/Mobility Servce Dog.  Dog was confident, friendly and relaxed in its performance.  Handler displayed complete ability to control the dog and confidence in ability to improvise for any unknown events the dog may encounter.

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